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Nov 7, 2012 7:00am EST
'm sure also that also want to join me in congratulating president obama on his election victory. [cheers and applause] >> last night. that's the only points that reach here today. [laughter] and we look forward to continuing the governments work with him and build a more prosperous, and more free a more stable world. mr. speaker, this might eyed meetings with minister colleagues and others in addition to my duties in the cells. i shall of further such meetings later today. >> may i put associate myself with a sincere tribute 822 fallen servicemen and to david black. it's right this house is to be to those of all episodes of her country. never more so than in we could remembrance sunday. may i also say that president obama will be relieved to get the support of the deputy -- [laughter] >> mr. speaker, the former metropolitan police commissioner has said the police allowed national crisis levels but is he right? why is that the case? >> mr. speaker, as he will also know the latest figure she'll overall crime is down by 6%. the victim satisfaction where the police has gone up. response time
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am EST
obama has not reduced the 4 pentagon budget but i think your charge implies that he has and i am assuming the 5% reduction you are including all of the savings hopefully from us getting out of afghanistan but even when obama presented his budget he said this is going to be -- this is an increase in the core pentagon budget for the next ten years. am i misunderstanding something or is that correct? >> a little bit. i talked about 5%, reduction in real terms. if you look at the spending in current dollars and don't make any correction for inflation. it has been pretty flat in terms of current dollars. the base budget has only declined by 5% but the war budgets have declined, at one point we had budget in the range in today's dollars of $717 billion a year for national defense including war and now what we are looking at is something perhaps $100 billion lower than that so there has been that reduction. it has all been principally due to the reduction in work spending. what we are not paying attention to is the base budget spending, non war spending which grew enormously during the
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am EST
in place and we need to do everything we can to persuade president obama this should be leading priority for his second presidential term but i would make this point that of course we all want this process and we all want this peace in the end piece connell come about by israelis and palestinians sitting down and talking through the final issues. they have to discuss jerusalem, refugees, in this end as president obama is fond of saying and i would agree, we cannot want this more than they wanted. we have to provide the framework, which for process but in the end we need courageous leadership from israelis and palestinians to talk to the final issues. >> that is complete the right but we have every means at our disposal to pressure those into those negotiations because the reality is there can be a two face solution dwindling month by month. now there will be an opportunity for the two state solution at the general assembly later this month, recognizing the palestinian authority. we on this side have supported this because it will strengthen moderate voices among the palestinians who want
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3